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Ship Watchers
Processing & Communications Center
36 Warner Street
Manchester, New Hampshire 03102-4159

Contact Sales Support Team: 800.550.7217 ext. 856
Freight Carrier Support Team:800.550.7217 ext. 855
Automated Fax Number:603.218.6997

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Free Proposal & Cost Analysis

Our Account Management Team can get you a FREE ROI report to show youthe savings you could be realizing with Ship Watchers. Our ONLY FEE is a small percentage of the verifiable savings we bring back to your carrier account(s).


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Our Secure Servers

New York - Arizona

Our New England based servers handle day to day operations. Our Arizona servers are ideal for our Backups and with its great weather insures no downtime due to power outages. All servers however are stabilized on power backups to insure uptime to clients. They also all run on using 4 CPU Cores @ 3.1 GHz as their processors. Creating a fast experience within our portal for all clients in the US and International communities.

Security is key!

Ship Watchers' servers use Biometric Security to access sensitive shipping data. This type of authentication verifies the identity of authorized users based on physical features such as fingerprints or palm scans along with a security pin. Keeping your data safe! Your shipping carriers insure you understand not to share your contract pricing agreements, make sure your shipping auditor is just as secure.

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